One of the most distinctive and dramatic touches that can be added to a home or office is a built-in aquarium. Imagine, beautiful tropical fish swimming through a colorful underwater environment, framed in elegant wooden cabinetry. Fortunately, Xtreme Renovations has the expertise and experience to add a built-in aquarium to your remodeling project and maintain it after the job is completed.

Of course, there are many factors to consider when installing an aquarium. Chief among them is determining what type of fish will live in the aquarium. As you might expect, different kinds of aquatic life can require a variety of different environments. Once you settle on the type of fish that you want, the professionals at Xtreme Renovations can set about designing the fresh or salt water aquarium – along with the habitat - that will properly support the future residents.

When deciding where to place your new aquarium, it is important to design a space that allows for ease in both routine aquarium maintenance and periodic equipment service. The area above the aquarium should clear to a distance of at least 50% of the height of the tank itself, so that it will be easy to move fish in and out of the tank, change the water, and adjust habitat elements. In the cabinetry below the aquarium, plenty of space should be allocated to house the necessary pumps, filtration systems, and other life-support equipment. Another important consideration involves ventilation. A large aquarium requires sufficient ventilation, and if the design and construction of the installation does not provides for adequate air flow, there may be heat and moisture damage to the surrounding millwork.

While the tank itself can be installed during the latter portion of the construction process, it is critical that the actual aquarium work not take place until all painting, carpeting, and sheetrock work are completed. Otherwise, the aquarium system may be irreparably damaged by paint fumes, dust, or other contaminants.

Xtreme Renovations can help you design a custom, built-in aquarium to beautify your home or office. We can help you choose the proper location, the type of fish, and the sort of habitat that the residents of your aquarium will require to thrive. And once the installation is complete, we can provide regular maintenance and service, so all you have to do is feed the fish!